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Posted in Uncategorized by BJ Hill on August 14, 2014

My nieces and I went to the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks versus Worcester Bravehearts game tonight. It was the second game in the FCBL 3-game championship. series. The B’Hearts won, 1 to 0. Not bad for the inaugural season. As you can tell from the photo, there’s a decent sized crowd in the stands… the game was a sell out with more than 3100 people. I remember going to the Tornadoes games in their final season and having an entire section to myself; it was cool to see so many people in the stands they could actually get the wave going. College baseball isn’t the best baseball, but it’s baseball and I’m glad it’s back in Worcester. Congrats, Bravhearts, thanks for coming to our camp and we’ll see you in 2015.
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