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Posted in Uncategorized by BJ Hill on February 21, 2012

I wasn’t planning on dallying long in Trenton on Friday morning, but when I found my route took me past the Occupy Trenton encampment I stopped in collect a few messages for the president. Instead of a group of protesters, I found one woman – Darlisa – who was holding down the fort. We began talking, and I kind of felt bad because she wanted to go home, but she couldn’t leave the tents and equipment unattended, and she didn’t know when any other Occupiers were going to come back. I also felt bad because she told me she was shot at with a paint gun by a sedan which had been been creeping around the past few nights. She showed me the paint stain on her winter coat and her blankets. Anyways, Darlisa was nice, she offered me a package of muffins for breakfast as she wrote her letter and then I headed towards downtown.
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